What determines the order the sites are listed in the dashboard?

It seems the order of sites listed in the dashboard are random. I’ve noticed it kind of sorts by latest deployment but we often see sites that haven’t been touched in 9+ months appear at the top of the list out of nowhere. It would be great to be able to define the order or have an obvious order strictly enforced for easier access.

Hi there, thanks for checking in on this.

So the order is actually determined by a couple of factors - primarily the last deploy date (even if no content was changed), followed by site settings you changed (which could be a version update, or a redirect, or something non-content related) and thirdly, changes that happen on our side, such as a dependency or in our database (which would explain why sites are popping to the top)

I can certainly see the advantage of having a “fixed” order, especially if you have a lot of sites! I’m going to go ahead and see if we can file a feature request for this.

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I too am looking for this feature! My team deploys all sorts of stuff, but I’d really like our primary apps to stay up top.

Thanks for adding your vote! We’ll definitely post here if the situation changes :slight_smile:

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