Netlify saying last submission was today but lists last one as weeks ago

My site is and in the backend for netlify it lists as having a form submission 5 hours ago but then actually the latest submission I have is April 28th

The form is named ‘add’. Any help is much appreciated! Just to know which is wrong, the time or the listings

Hi, you seem to have the same problem as me!

Try checking out the last page in your verified submissions list (so where your oldest submissions are at), you might find your newest ones there, but without a date attached to them. That’s why they won’t appear at the top of the list.

I don’t know why this happened, but I’m glad I’m not alone with this :laughing:

You are not alone!

Sadly doesn’t seem to be the fix for me, all my submissions are dated

I am seeing what @millymilly mentioned, @jthawme - I see your latest submission on that form (from Demis) at the very end of your submissions listing at the bottom of page 15 - with no date. Our database shows it as updated at the time shown in the dashboard:

…but I see it is missing a created_at date, which is probably what is breaking the display for both of y’all. This seems like a bug so I’ll work with the team to get it fixed and follow up in this thread once I do!

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Annoyingly that submission came in after I opened the initial topic and am worried there are some submissions that are somehow in limbo now – is there anyway on your end to check on the database level or something whether there were more submissions? Because the UI definitely thought i had had a submission that wasn’t listed at all

@jthawme I thought the same, got really confused with the UI and was scared about losing submissions, but all submissions were there and none were lost. Hope this will be the same for you. I definitely know because I get notifications via Zapier when new submissions are sent and all of them were there at the end of my list (in your case, at page 15), except they were missing the date, as already mentioned by @fool :slight_smile:

I know there is no way to know for sure, but maybe this information helps and calms your mind. :sweat_smile:

hey folks, we think we have rolled out a fix for this today. can you confirm it is working correctly now?

I can confirm they are listing the proper dates and the order theyre meant to now. Just concerned about the possibility of having lost some submissions (from my original screenshot post)

hey @jthawme - we don’t believe any data was lost. Glad to hear its working now!