Site slow to load on free tier

Hi there, my site load is quite slow, I’m curious as to what performance gains I’d get, with respect to site loading, by upgrading to the Pro tier? I realize that build times are probably not affected from this post, however I was curious about site load times.

I’m on the fence about upgrading, as honestly all the features of the free tier are sufficient for me aside from site load performance. Thanks!

hi there andrew,

can you share the site name with us? also, please capture a HAR file so we can take a look at those load times. A lot of factors can go into this - it is probably something that can be improved if we have more detail :slight_smile:

Hi Perry, thanks for reaching out. I took 3 profiles here, all in one zipped folder: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

None of them were particularly egregious load times as I’ve seen in the past, I assume there’s some CDN cache for when the assets aren’t cold - Will try and take a profile when I visit for the first time after awhile next time. However almost 4 seconds for a completely static page with zero just a couple DOM elements feels like quite a lot. Let me know if any more information is needed from my end. Thanks!

Hi there, was able to get one request that took a total of 16 seconds(!) for initial load, HAR file here Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Hey there, @andrewfschorr :wave:

My apologies for the delay here. I’ve taken a look at all of the HAR files that you have shared and I am not seeing a load that takes 16 seconds. I am seeing the four second load time that you referenced, however.

It does appear that you are proxying by a function, and that function is cached at us-east-1 by default. If you have heavy traffic from other regions this could be causing your slower load time here. We can change the functions region for Pro customers, if this is something that you are interested in.

Let us know!