Loading speed for multiple requests is slow

Hi there,

My app is pour-frontend-prd.netlify.app, and I’ve noticed that at least in my region (Australia) loading time is too slow comparing to another CDN/hosting platforms. The first five requests have normal speed, but after that it takes 1,79s (266 kB), 1.27s (76.3 kB) and 1.05 s (47.8 kB).


Can it be fixed?

hi there olex, sorry to hear about this.

could you do us a solid can capture a HAR file and post it somewhere we can access it for us to look at?



Thanks for quick reply. Please find the HAR file here

Hi, @Olex. You have made your apex domain the primary custom domain. You are also using an A record for that apex domain.

This configuration means, instead of using an ADN node in Australia, your traffic is always being directed to San Francisco instead.

The solution for this would be to either:

a) Make the www subdomain the primary custom domain.


b) Use Netlify DNS for the domain.

We have a blog post about this here as well:

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks, Luke! It’s very helpful.

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