Site on iOS not really working

So hey guys its me again.
This time with a problem that I am really struggling with.

I wanted to create a website that suits every browser (ios, opera, safari (which is basically ios lol), chrome, firefox, etc.) But especially Safari.

I was too lazy to change my css myself so I used a AutoPrefixer.

And it still doesn’t work. You can test it by yourself by going to My Website (15Min) with an Iphone.

If you don’t own an iPhone, here you can see a clip I recorded with my fathers iPhone 8 running on iOS 13 (does not work at all):

This is on an iPhone 5 (kinda works):

This is on my Wiko View 2 (It works there):

You can’t scroll, it’s really buggy. Does anyone have any idea on how this could be fixed?

My netlify instance name is 15min

I also search for a solution, but couldn’t find anything…

Thanks for your help in advance


Auto-prefixing only gets you so far. You have to start with CSS (or browser sniffing code) that works.

This is one reason why people use frameworks such as Bootstrap as starting points.

My two cents.

P.S. I should point out that your news page doesn’t scroll worth a darn on macOS Safari, so you issue seems to be more than just one with iOS.

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Well like I said its especially Safari… But do you have any suggestions on how I can fix it (with examples if possible)

Sorry, no. No time. I know it’s bigger than many think is acceptable, but this is why I start most projects with Bootstrap 3 – I know that my base code will work for most of my typical use cases. Also, I load it from the CDN and I’m not seeing much of a performance hit.