My apps are not working on iOS

Hello all,

Newbie to the forums and a relative newbie to Netlify, having first used it within the last month. Can’t fault the process though, very user friendly.

However, I have an issue and I’m not sure where to begin debugging it.
I deployed the first, and the second was deployed by my friend on his account, but was a paired project. Both backends are hosted on heroku. Rails backend, React frontend.

Neither work on iOS. Work perfectly on every other platform i’ve checked, including MacOS. I’ve been a bit hamstrung by the fact I don’t own an apple mobile device, so haven’t been able to test properly. From the few times I’ve seen it on my sisters iphone, its just a white screen. I noticed the tab does say ‘React App’. Not sure if that makes a difference?

Woud love to hear from anyone who has had a similar issue!


hey rik,

This definitely sounds frustrating - and of course tricky to debug. I personally don’t have an iOS device to test with, either, (I am hoping someone else will weigh in. Which browser was it on iOS?)

Looking at your developer console, I do see some errors, which might be a good starting place to start debugging:

Hey Perry,

Thanks for your quick reply! That’s weird i just checked my index.html file and the video react stylesheet looks like this :

Already being served over HTTPS. Thanks for bringing this to my attention though, I will look into it. If that was the issue wouldn't it break on every platform/browser, not just iOS?

I tested on chrome and safari.

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>

my bad, forgot to format the html!

Can anybody help? Must be someone on here who’s had a similar issue?

hey rik, without additional detail it’s going to be pretty hard for us to troubleshoot this :frowning: We haven’t heard anything else regarding sites not loading on iOS, and given that we server hundreds of thousands of sites and users, i would expect us to have had other people bring this up to us before.

That doesn’t mean that something strange isn’t going on, but it seems likely that this is a specific/local issue. If you have additional details for us, please do let us know and we’ll take another look.