Mobile version of a website not working

Hi guys i have deployed a website with netlify and the desktop version works as intended but if i go to the site on a mobile, it just shows a blank page. i have looked through some of the answers on this forum but none of them fixed the issue.


you can find my deployment log at: git_practice/README.txt at main · falconcode95/git_practice · GitHub

Hi @falconcode95

I tried to open the site on my phone using Chrome for mobile and it opened well.

What phone / browser are you testing this on?

I have opened it on chrome with my iphone 12 pro max

That’s odd indeed. Here’s what I’m seeing in my mobile:

A few things you can try:

  • if you have Xcode, you could try running your site on an iphone emulator to see if it behaves the same.
  • you can try to use a different browser on the iPhone (e.g Safari or Firefox)
  • try it on a different device. Try to see how It behaves on an Android device.
  • use device mode on Chrome to see how your app behaves on Iphone’s specific screen size.

Hope this helps!

I have checked with my sister who also has an iphone13 pro max and it is the same, i have checked with both windows laptop and an android tablet, both of them show the site ok. I have also checked with safari and it is the same with chrome, a blank page.

My site is also not working on mac, i have checked the dev tools and my root div is empty like nothing is there

Your website appears to load on Safari, at the moment.

Also, if your website is not loading on specific browsers, it’s less of a Netlify issue and more of a browser-issue in most cases.

Yes I fixed it now, the problem was ios and mac devices don’t accept lookbehind regex patterns like (?<=a)b so i got rid of it and wrote a function that manually checks for that pattern.