Site not loading on mobile

My site works on desktop but I cannot get it to load properly on any mobile browsers:

On mobile, the header and “Loading…” message flash briefly before disappearing, and all that’s visible is the background color. I’ve reproduced this in a number of browsers.

But if I go to React App on a mobile browser, I see the header… I don’t know if I’m missing something about redirects, but I’m not sure why it would work on desktop and not mobile.

It seems to load on my phone:

Sounds most likely like a local issue - Netlify doesn’t do anything different when serving based on devices.

Thanks! Looks like you are on Android. My mobile device is iOS. For anyone researching this in the future: my issue was with the date-fns library and how Safari and iOS handle dates. Turned out the site also didn’t load in Safari, and the console log there revealed the problem.

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