Page fails to load on mobile

Live domain:

works fine on desktop, but on mobile site never loads and just times out
“safari couldn’t open the page because the server stopped responding”

also, when visiting the live site one of my icons fails to load:

Status: 404 Not Found
Version: HTTP/2
Transferred: 1.25 kB (3.08 kB size)
Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin

this icon loads fine when using a liver server in vscode and when using an extension “view in browser”

need some help asap thanks in advance.

I don’t see any issues with your site’s loading. Try a different device.

About the SVG, the correct URL in your CSS file should be: /assets/menu-alt-01-svgrepo-com.svg and not what you’ve used.

the site is still not working on my iPhone. shows a white screen then times out. only works on my desktop

telling me to try different device really does nothing to solve my issue… the site does not load on my iphone nor my partners iphone. (iphone xr and iphone 14)

About the SVG, the correct URL in your CSS file should be: /assets/menu-alt-01-svgrepo-com.svg and not what you’ve used.

it already is ?

background-image: url("/MicheleStaffiereLanding/Assets/menu-alt-01-svgrepo-com.svg");

I don’t have an iPhone, so can’t test that. Your site works fine for me on all my devices. Since Netlify can only serve your site, site not being accessible on certain devices is not really a Netlify issue. It’s more like a device configuration issue, thus asking you to try a different device is a good troubleshooting step from our perspective.

If I can go a step ahead and make some assumptions, in case you’re using Safari on your iPhones, you might be hitting a Safari-specific issue. I have seen people get some weird Regular Expression errors only in Safari. Now if you’re using a MacBook and using Safari and the site loads, it might not be related, but I thought I’d suggest.

Regarding the background image URL, are you telling me:


is the same as:


They look like 2 different URLs to me.

They look like 2 different URLs to me.

The assets folder is on a different level than my styles folder, I have to go one layer up to access it.
The icon shows fine when running a live server in vscode.

Hi @michelestaffiere,

Testing the site on an iPhone it appears to be working properly as the page loads:

Are you still having issues?