My netlify app works on laptop fails on phone

I deployed my React app
It has no problem showing on laptop / desktop but on phone, the link fails to show ,
otherwise its a blank page

hi there, please give this a read through as it is the same as what you are describing:

Thanks my friend but the Issue is not yet solved .

Hey @Josephkagimu1

I have no issue loading your site on iOS or Android

I do see there are some issues that my play a part depending on the browser used

but why is it failing on my phone now do I need to fix some thing ?

I can’t say why it fails on your phone as it works fine on the two devices I tested. Have you tried a private/incognito tab, or a different browser on your device? You may have a broken version cached.

If this doesn’t work, I might suggest looking at doing remote debugging

@coelmay thanks for the great work am to try fixing this and see .