Site not found on desktop

When I try to load my website on my desktop I get server not found. It works fine on my phone.

The site loads for me, but it looks as though there is something weird with your DNS configuration. has A records but no NS records. has NS records but no A records. Are you hosting just the FQDN on Netlify?

I am not sure what this means: [quote=“gregraven, post:2, topic:13871”]

Usually only the root domain has a NS record. This points to Netlify.

I have no site for the root domain at the moment so therefore no a record.

The A records point to Netlify properly. It used to load on my computer but broke recently. It still loads on my phone. Weird…

FQDN = fully qualified domain name. is an apex domain. is a fully qualified domain name (AKA FQDN)

Your phone probably uses different DNS (etc.) than your desktop / laptop computer. Have you tried visiting the site on your desktop / laptop computer in a private / incognito window? You may be experiencing a browser caching issue.

Okay, it works on my phone only when I have my VPN turned on, the VPN is using OpenDNS whereas my home network has 3 DNS servers set, one is OpenDNS, one is Cloudflare and Quad9.

The weird thing is that it was working and then stopped working.

The address works. So it looks like a DNS address but I am confused by it.

Okay. I overrode my DNS from my router and it seems to work. Must be corrupt DNS in my router. I will try reseting my router to see if that fixes the issue.

Glad to hear you’re (tentatively) up and running! Please let us know if you continue to run into issues.