Netlify sites down giving ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Websites are down on desktop device works on android on incognito intermittently but not on mac/windows
@hillary @gualter is the app→ it works fine
But the main domain is down on desktop all browsers chrome,safari,etc
I saw dns setup looks fine not sure what happened in past 2 hours please check.

Hey there, @jaimahajan :wave:

We ask that customer keep all related questions in one thread so that we can support you better. We will continue the conversation about your site in this thread-- please do not open another one at the moment.

Regarding your obstacle, I can load both of those sites. This is what I can see:

Can you please share a reproduction of the issue you are encountering on your end?

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I see this on Mac and windows device in India. Could it be an outage in some areas? @hillary

Hi @hillary on US vpn it works fine seems like an issue in India maybe cc: @gualter

@hillary in india it is working intermittently(1 in 50 times maybe). Something seems down in india/asia servers cc: @gualter @hrishikesh

Hi, @jaimahajan. The error you are seeing is a DNS error. To troubleshoot we need the following details:

  • the IP address of the system that cannot connect
  • the IP address of the DNS resolver being queried
  • the response of the DNS resolver

It would also be helpful to have the output of recursive search for the DNS record.

Personally, I always use dig for DNS troubleshooting as it does things that other DNS tools do not (with recursive lookups being the most common thing I use dig for). There are instructions about how to install dig here:

After it is installed, the following commands will give the information required to troubleshoot:

dig +short
dig +trace

If you would run those commands on the non-working system and post the output we should be able to find the root cause. I’m stressing doing this on the non-working system because often people will run these commands on their local system that does work which doesn’t help at all. Only the data from the system not working is useful.

​Please let us know if there are any questions about this and if you post the command output here we can troubleshoot further.