Site Not Found (DNS Issue)


Some time last week I started getting a Site Not Found error on my site ( and all of its subdomains.

After a lot of troubleshooting and investigating, I’ve determined that this is a DNS provider issue since my servers are clearly up and pinging successfully, apart from dig showing that my DNS zone is active and properly configured. I’m using Netlify DNS nameservers.

When I use DoH/DoT with Cloudflare or Google DNS, I have no issues accessing my site. However, when I use Quad9 or either of my ISPs (wi-fi or mobile data) default DNS, my domain name instantly resolves to nothing and the browser cannot load anything. I tried using different devices and flushing my DNS, as well as flushing the domain’s DNS cache via Google, but with no luck.

The site appeaers to be working to me.

Thank you for looking into it!

Are you using specific DNS servers or just your ISP default DNS? Does it also work if you use Quad9 DNS?

It is a weird issue since it suddenly stopped working unless I switch DNS from Quad9 to either Cloudflare or Google. Using my ISP’s default automatic DNS values didn’t work either, but I prefer Quad9.

I suspected that something might have changed or gone wrong on Netlify’s end when it comes to their DNS servers, since it was working fine and only suddenly started happening.

I’m using Google DNS. If it’s specific to a DNS server, this is not something we can debug as it’s not a Netlify issue. Try reaching out to the provider.

That was my thought as well, but since several DNS providers were affected at the same time (both my ISP and Quad9), I assumed that it might be a Netlify issue. If this is not the case, I’ll try reaching out to check.

Contacted Quad9 and it turned out my domain was accidentally blocklisted as a false positive and has now been removed. Thank you!

Glad to hear you found a solution