The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know

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  • Site name. Example:
  • DNS issues? The custom domain is which is working perfectly but i want to add my own Domain from a different host.
    What i adding was i followed the procedure of adding a new domain on my netlify dashboard and i added
    my custom domain '‘’ as a CNAM on where the new domain is hosted.

the domain was verified and it was working at first and after few minutes it stops and it’s shows the 404 google error page.

Really need your help.

Thanks !

Hi @coefficiences is not configured to use Netlify for either the apex

% dig	1800	IN	A	1800	IN	A	1800	IN	A	1800	IN	A

nor www subdomain

% dig	1800	IN	CNAME		300	IN	A

DNS is also not Netlify

% dig NS	0	IN	NS	0	IN	NS	0	IN	NS	0	IN	NS	0	IN	NS

You can use Netlify DNS thus delegating DNS control to Netlify, or remain using external DNS with the appropriate records pointing to Netlify. Either way, don’t forget to assign the custom domain to your site.

Thanks for helping out !
Am facing an other issue, my site was up and running with the new domain and now am having this error…

Not Found - Request ID: 01GCVZ2KH0DK5CBR32XRKG7QYN

And my Netlify admin dashboard is showing a blank screen

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