Site access denied at some mobile devices

Site Domain :

Name: Nico Egger

Problem: Apple users and some Android users and some internet providers deny access to my site. It doesn’t matter if it’s WiFi or mobile data, you just can’t get to the website

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce this issue on my end. Are you seeing this happen in specific regions or locations?

No i’No, since I live in Austria, I only know that it is in Austria, but I am almost sure that this is the case everywhere

Hi @drAmAG Unfortunately, we will not be able to do much more investigating without a reproduction case. Can you provide us an example (photos, screen recording, etc) of the site not working?

When this has happened before the solution will be to ensure requests for the apex are directed to Netlify / www, which you could do with the DNS settings.

I don’t have an external URL or DNS and I’ve already uploaded an image, or am I misunderstanding something?

As mentioned before, your website loads fine:

If this is an issue ith a specific network or areas, there’s not much we can do to help here. Please contact the respective networks for assistance.

But it’s not just the Wi-Fi but also the devices most on ios. Because even when I go over mobile data, this screen comes as shown in the screenshot. And yes, on PC it loads the website

I have no issue loading your site on Android or iOS devices on WiFi or mobile data @drAmAG. This is not an issue with Netlify as others have already mentioned. It is a network issue.