Setup HTTPS for custom domain

Hi there,

I’m having issues setting up the HTTPS for my custom domain.

  • site name:
  • custom domain:

I’m getting the message: “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.”
I’ve checked that the name servers are pointing to netlify and DNS verification was successful. But I get the above message when requesting “Provision certificate”. I’m not sure how to get the HTTPS set up for my site. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @emitanaka

It appears the SSL certificate is now provisioned for your domain

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Thanks. I didn’t do anything so I wonder why it started working.

SSL certificates are (generally) provisioned automatically. These are usually issues (fairly) quickly, though there are instances where this can take a little longer (which may have happened in your case), and even take a day or two. In (relatively) rare situations, manual action by Netlify is required.