Let's Encrypt certificate cannot be provisioned for custom domain

Hello all!

I have a Netlify site (https://lesleyvanderpol.netlify.app/) and I got a custom domain (lesleyvanderpol.nl), this is currently live and working. The domain spins up the Netlify app. My issue right now is with the SSL certificate.

I have configured the DNS settings as follows:

When I click on “verify DNS configuration” it gives me a green check, but when I try to provision the certificate it says " We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.". It could very well be that I’m missing something as this is all rather new for me.

Hi @Lesleyvdp,

Thanks for reaching out!

With Netlify, you’ll only want to configure either Netlify DNS or External DNS, not both. As you mentioned, you currently have DNS configured to use both Netlify name servers, and the A Record and CNAME Record. You’ll instead want to use either the Netlify name servers (for Netlify DNS) or use the A Record pointing to and the CNAME Record pointing to lesleyvanderpol.netlify.app (for the www subdomain).

Could you try setting up only Netlify DNS or External DNS, wait for it to propagate and see press Verify DNS configuration here:

Hi @Melvin , thanks for your reply!

I have just pointed the NS records back to the original ones. I am still using the A and CNAME record that I mentioned in the original post. It doesn’t work yet, but I also saw that it could take upto 24 hours before these changes are complete.

Hi @Lesleyvdp,

Thanks for the follow-up.

I do see that you changed the name servers back to the original name servers, and that you have External DNS correctly configured. Since you’re no longer using Netlify DNS, you’ll want to delete the DNS Zone here:

Additionally, I’m showing you have an IPv6 record configured:

host lesleyvanderpol.nl 
lesleyvanderpol.nl has address
lesleyvanderpol.nl has IPv6 address 2a03:3c00:a002:240::1003
lesleyvanderpol.nl mail is handled by 10 mail.lesleyvanderpol.nl.

We don’t support IPv6 when using our load balancer IP address. Please remove the IPv6 record and then click the Verify DNS configuration button here.