Same Website Shows Up Differently

I’m at my wit’s end. I have no idea why these 3 websites are different, even though they are all the same. This is just a Netlify hosted site, pulling from GitHub. The domain is from Bluehost.

Site name: space-precision-systems


Browsers used:
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@Light Is there a third website, I only see two?

The two that you’ve linked appear identical to me, what is the difference you’re seeing?

If it’s “scale” in some way, try resetting your browser zoom with ctrl + 0 or command + 0 depending on your OS.

Apologies for the delayed response. This ended up being solved but I’m not entirely sure what the issue is. I’m fairly confident it was related to caching at some point in the process, but unsure where exactly.

The issue just came back… I’m beyond confused. This is what I see now going between the 2

@Light I’d imagine they aren’t the same thing, and checking your DNS for shows two A records:

The one is Netlify’s Load Balancer as per the documentation here:

But the one appears to be related to bluehost.

Did you have a previous version of the site hosted there?

You should remove the A record that isn’t Netlify.


in addition to @nathanmartin’s excellent observation the record for the www subdomain is also incorrect

$ dig 4502 IN CNAME 377 IN	A 377 IN	A is not the apex domain ergo it should point to you Netlify subdomain as is noted in the documentation Nathan has linked and not the apex load balancer.


@dig Great catch, I completely forgot to check what was going on with the www :person_facepalming:


Thank you so much for the speedy response @nathanmartin & @dig!

I’m still learning my way around all of these new systems, so I appreciate the help <3 I’m not very familiar with records sadly. My friend had this site originally hosted on BlueHost using wordpress, but now that I built it, I am using Netlify for the NextJS site. I wanted to use Netlify’s DNS, but they already have their email setup with BlueHost so I didn’t want to mess with it and possibly take it down accidentally.

What should my next steps be? Are the records something I can fix on Netlify’s site, or would I need to contact BlueHost?

@Light You fix the DNS records wherever they are.

If they aren’t in Netlify’s system, you cannot fix them on Netlify’s side.

If they’re in Bluehost, then you would fix them there, either via self management or support (if they have such).


Hi there, you’ll need to log into Bluehost where the domain is registered and manage the DNS records there. Since you already have email configured there you can utilize external DNS and point your domain to Netlify. You can follow the external DNS guide here, and let us know what additional questions you have:

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How would I verify that what I did fixed the issue? I followed the docs for BlueHost, and located the problematic A record. It should be removed now.