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Netlify site is different than domain site (same git repo)


I have a repo which is the source for the site www.laforga-design.com .
The strange thing is that www.laforga.nl is rendered very different than the netlify link: https://611a8c4e360f62000941d917--nifty-yonath-92ace9.netlify.app/

The both have the exact same repo and branch. How come I have this issue?

I tried cleaning the cache and deploying several times but this has not resulted in a solution.
PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post!

Hi @victorlaforga

I am not seeing any differences in content on these URLs. Perhaps the caching issue was your computer/browser? Did you try visiting the URLs in private/incognito windows?

There was a problem with netlify I think, it was solved by itself.

But the strange thing is, I have 2 domains: www.laforga.nl & www.laforga-design.com

Both domains have the same github repo source in netlify, yet they render different. Or is this only on my computer? I tried incongito, removing cache & cookies, But nothing worked…

On different laptops they also render very different.

Are you deploying to two different Netlify sites or are the domains set up as custom domains on the same Netlify site?

I’ve again compared the two URLs, but see nothing visibly different.

I can second what @coelmay said. If you think there are some differences, could you show the same to us? You can point out what exactly is different using some screenshots, so we could check accordingly.