RSS/Atom feed for Netlify Blog

Is there a feed for the Netlify Blog somewhere? There used to be a feed at but it appears this address is no longer active. I know there’s a feed for the current status, but I haven’t been able to find an active feed for the blog, which would help for example to notice pricing changes before they take effect.

Hey @msch,

It’s available here: Netlify RSS

Note that, it’s subject to change.

Thank you @hrishikesh ! Perhaps it could be added to the <head> of the blog page so it can be found automatically?

thank you @msch - i have passed that suggestion on to the people who work on the blog, hopefully they decide to implement it.

Hi @msch, thank you for your suggestion! You can now find a link to our RSS feed in the <head> of our pages to help with discoverability. :slight_smile: