Blog and Site maintainance by health science community

:wave: Folks

We just peeped under the hood of Netlify and want more!

Our project is reimagining what a web presence might be for such a volunteer-driven citizen science movement.

We already have a CD/CI blogging in production.

A promise of Netlify CMS seems to be the enabling of non-tech users to add Blogs and even edit the main Site (a bit like a wiki on git steroids) itself without supervision via all the goodness of Git.

I am curious if there are examples of this already that folks here have worked on?

One way we figured a solution is to allow our authors to produce a finished work in Notion and then we can automate with the new Notion api to git. (Before this we used but this is more clunky).

Would love to hear form anyone with an interest in health who might be interested. PS. This is the only hiccup that we have faced to date but I am pleased in a way as it brought us deeper into this Netlify community and rabbit hole and we are :star_struck: :

Best wishes and excited to hear,

PS. If this posting violates guidelines, please forgive me and then let us move it from here.