Integrating Netlify with other apps (Google, Github, AWS, CircleCI, etc) or building automations - what content do you need?

Yesterday I launched a new integration platform for developers called Pipedream. Due to Netlify’s awesome support of OpenAPI, we launched with the Netlify API fully integrated out of the box.

I am looking to share some examples of integrating the Netlify API with other common apps (Google, Github, AWS, CircleCI, etc) and curious if there are any use cases in the community that folks would be interested in.

Here is an example of the integration working:

Please share any ideas and happy to collaborate if anyone is interested.

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this is an awesome resource! Thank you for sharing =)

I would love to hear your thoughts on my question.


Our staff tries not to be super opinionated, so hopefully some other customers find something interesting to comment about :slight_smile: We do have an article about “testing in Netlify build” which is…well, vaguely related: [Common Issue] Testing your Netlify builds , if you wanted to drop a comment there for more exposure?

I just noticed that pipedream has brought back! Thanks to y’all for that, it is a debugging tool we know and love(d) :slight_smile:

Thanks! I would still love to figure out how best to get Pipedream in front of the Netlify community. This app seems to have very low engagement. Any ideas?

Yup, we haven’t gotten all our customers into these forums yet but we are working on it :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I could for instance connect you with someone in Marketing if you’re looking for something like a blog post about the integration? Anything is possible, that’s just what I could dream of…so if you have some thoughts such as “I’d like to be a beta member of your upcoming integrations/marketplace program” or “Maybe it would make sense to add Pipedream to the documentation on building your netlify site, so customers could leverage it”, then I’m happy to make whatever connection you’d be interested in.