Excitement alert: Unlock easy API integrations in your web applications with Netlify Graph 💥

Hello folks! Today is a day we have been excited for for a while! Today we’re announcing the release of Netlify Graph in Netlify Labs - a new way to build API integrations into your app. With Netlify Graph, we hope to make it easier to connect your Jamstack applications to APIs such as GitHub, Stripe, Salesforce, Spotify, and others ( more to come as we evolve the feature ).


You can explore the supported APIs, compose queries, and automatically generate serverless function code for your explorations directly from the web browser connected to a Netlify CLI session. We are so excited to see what you’ll build!

Netlify Graph now also encompasses the previously-announced API Authentication feature, simplifying the process of managing API connections to web services. It entirely removes the need to worry about authentication tokens, the OAuth process, or periodic credential refreshes.

To get started, enable the feature in Netlify Labs and check out our docs.

This is a very early release, so we are looking for all your feedback about the feature and how we can make it better.

You can also post below to let us know what questions you have!


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