๐Ÿš€ Launch Alert: Introducing Netlify Graph to make API integrations easier

Major news! Today, Netlify is introducing Netlify Graph to make it easier to develop web apps with APIs like GitHub, Salesforce, and Stripe. This beta functionality extends the API Authentication functionality that we launched in beta in November. Learn more about Netlify Graph in this blog post.


With Netlify Graph you can:

  • Authenticate with APIs using a single click
  • Explore data from each API using the new Graph Explorer
  • Test queries in an easy-to-use GraphiQL interface
  • Autogenerate functions to get data from APIs into your web apps

While in beta, Netlify Graph is free for all Netlify users. Log into your Netlify dashboard, go to a site youโ€™ve created, and select Graph from the menu to get started today. You can start experimenting right away!


Check it out, and let us know what you think!


Hi, a question about the generated handler. I noticed that the generated handler was something like ExampleQuery.js. I confirmed it worked locally just fine, but when I renamed it I could no longer use the authentication I had associated with the handler. Is that expected? Must the filename match the query name?

Thank you for the feedback! We are tracking this on GitHub.

Actually, I think it may be this issue: Issue with auth failing randomly ยท Issue #28 ยท netlify/labs ยท GitHub

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