Does integrating with CircleCI affect Netlify's third-party integrations (i.e. Cloudinary)

Hi everyone! Potentially silly question here but I wasn’t able to find an answer.

We’re deploying our application through CircleCI and I wanted to know if that circumnavigates any third-party integrations enabled through Netlify? We’re using Cloudinary and I wanted to ensure that the Netlify integration will still run!

Hi @WhiteCedar14,

Could you please explain in a bit more detail? What kind of integrations? What’s your setup like? Your site name could also be useful.

Hi there!

Sorry if my question wasn’t clear. I’m currently deploying a React site and am using CircleCI for CI/CD before ultimately deploying live builds through Netlify. With regards to integrations, I specifically mean the third-party applications you can simply “Enable” on Netlify. For example, we’ve enabled Cloudinary for image optimaztion and Lighthouse for page audits. Does those integrations still work even though i’m routing through CircleCI?

Hi @whitecedar ,

Thanks for clarifying your question. Using CircleCI shouldn’t circumnavigate any third-party integrations enabled through Netlify. If you find that is the case, do let us know!