Important: Is Netlify down? Keeping up with Netlify Status

Do you rely on accurate knowledge of our system’s status? Our current status is shown at and is the single source of truth you should consider regarding system-wide issues.

To keep up with the latest info via push notifications, for both scheduled maintenance and ongoing incidents, you have some options:

  1. Use our RSS feed! We provide an RSS feed of the content in near-realtime: You can subscribe your Slack instance to our (and our vendors’) status feeds and you’ll get alerted right in Slack.

  2. Follow us on Twitter! We post all incident updates here: If you’re not a big user of Twitter, you could subscribe to the Twitter feed straight in Slack.

  3. You could choose to use either option above with a service such as IFTTT or Zapier, which can transform notifications into webhooks, emails, or the bat signal - whatever works for your workflow.

Let us know if you have questions - we want to make sure you feel well informed!

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