Rpgmma.cz took too long to respond

Hello, i’ve set my external domain address www.rpgmma.cz to my netlify project. I’ve set IPv4 and and also IPv6 address.
In command prompt i can nslookup rpgmma.cz and i get respond correct IP addresses. When i pink IP address i get respond back.
When i type www.rpgmma.cz to browser i get error rpgmma.cz took too long to respond."

This is my first attemp change domain address with netlify.

Does anyone know what’s going on please?
Best :slight_smile:

Sorry - no idea.

The addresses you’ve configured are some other service:

% host www.rpgmma.cz
www.rpgmma.cz has address
www.rpgmma.cz has IPv6 address 2620:4d:4000:6259:7:1:0:1
% host rpgmma.cz
rpgmma.cz has address
rpgmma.cz has IPv6 address 2620:4d:4000:6259:7:1:0:1

…so you’d ask whomever owns those IP’s what is going on with them. Hint: it’s not Netlify :slight_smile: