Retrieval of Website Files from Suspended Account

Any chat support here who can help me retrieve the files of all websites that I deployed under my suspended account? Please please please I really need those files for my freelance work and I don’t have a copy, my client is now complaining why the website is down. I don’t understand why my account got suspended just for deploying a website that doesn’t violate terms and conditions. I deployed it on my another account and there were no problems, it didn’t get suspended. Please please please help. :pray:

Wow! You deployed the site and deleted all the files? Wow!

The email address of my account is

I didn’t delete it. I just don’t have a copy since files are uploaded on Netlify and I can download it on Deploy section when I need to do an update.

It’s a bad habit to save storage on my flash drive. And I wasn’t expecting that my account would get suspended, if I knew, I would’ve made a copy on my flash drive.

Are you tech support or know someone I could contact? I’ll greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this issue.

How did you deploy the site? Did you deploy from a git integration?

Drag and drop in the deploy section.

Do you know how can I contact the admins?

You used drag and drop and you no longer have a copy of the files you deployed via this method? No wonder your client is annoyed with you.

You’ve posted here. That’s the best you can do. However, unless you can successfully appeal the suspension of your old account (and not have your new account terminated) there is little chance of retrieving the files you deployed.

I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson today.

It’s because I didn’t expect that my account would get suspended that’s why I don’t have a copy. I don’t deploy any illegal stuff in this platform.

Hi, I can see your account is no longer suspended unfortunately you won’t be able to retrieve your files once deleted from our system