Remove site domain but still remains in dns setting

My netlify site name
I tried to add a domain already hosted in netlify with the name test hostname for example and found that SSL can not be issued, but I don’t know why, anyway then I removed the domain from my site, but in DNS domain setting, it is still remains there and can not be removed manually.

hi there, can you tell us the exact error message you are receiving? thanks.

There is no error message. but the result is not as expected.
reproduce flow is below

  • add a domain to netlify DNS hosting. as example I call it with no initial record added
  • deploy a site and add a custom domain named to it.
  • after added, I can see 2 DNS records which type is netlify in my DNS control panel.
  • Then remove the custom domain in the site domain setting.
  • The result I expected is the 2 DNS records is removed accordingly, but I can still see the netlify DNS record in my DNS panel , and can not remove it using the panel.

we can likely fix this for you if we know the domain and also the netlify site name this is regarding :slight_smile: