Migrate domains to new site

Hi everyone!
I have coded a new version for a website that I already have on Netlify. It was a complete rewrite, so I made a new git repo and started a new site on Netlify. Now the new version is ready and I want to migrate the domain from the old website to the new one. The old website uses Netlify DNS. How should I proceed?
Do I need to delete every DNS record before setting it up on the new site?
Is there a way to download the DNS records for a faster setup?
Sorry if it is a noob question…

Hi @grupoibiracu

Thankfully you don’t need to do anything quite that extreme! :smiley:

In essence, you would remove the custom domain from the current site via https://app.netlify.com/sites/YOUR_SITE_NAME/settings/domain and then add it to the new site *(same URL, different YOUR_SITE_NAME.)

As you are using Netlify DNS, current records get removed, and new records written automagically. All other records do not require changing.

Nice! Thank you for the help!