Re: Changing Site with Netlify DNS

We are hosting with Netlify and using Netlify DNS to point to our site, e.g. points to We have upgraded our code (runs off of a different github repo) and now the code for the new website runs from (which we set up for testing, so we can run the new repo in a new Netlify site). How do we point our Netlify DNS so that the domain, will point to When we go to change the DNS in Netlify, we cannot edit the Netlify records for the actual site, so we have no way of pointing the DNS in Netlify to the new site. Hope I’ve made the problem clear. Thanks.

hi there, are the two netlify sites where you are looking to move the domain in the same team?

if yes, then this is relatively easy. You can delete the domain from the first netlify site and then add it to the second.

let me know if you need further infomation on this!

Thanks. Yes, they are on the same team. But, I don’t understand: “You can delete the domain from the first netlify site and then add it to the second.” How do I delete the domain? I don’t see any place to delete the domain. I don’t want to have any DNS issues. The DNS is already with Netlify, and the SSL certs are already generated. I just want to point the Netlify DNS to a different site (by site, i mean netlify site, e.g. Strangely, there is no way to edit the Netlify DNS to change which site it points to.

Hey @osseonews

A domain is added as a Custom Domain which is independent of Netlify DNS. So you can remove/delete a domain from one site then add it to another site.

No, you cannot modify the NETLIFY records. These are automatically created when you assign a domain to a site as custom domain.

Thanks. But, my when we add the custom domain to the new netlify site, will the DNS propogate immediately b/c the DNS is already at Netlify and we are just changing the site? What about the SSL cert? Does this have to be generated again on your end?

In my experience there is little to no latency in the switch. If a valid SSL is already issued, then there is no need to reissue a certificate as mentioned in this post.