[SOLVED] Netlify Domain name still pointing to my first site and not the new one


My site “www.cocoon-arolla.com” was working with my netlify cocoon-v1.

Then I create a new netlify site at cocoon-meghna. This is my new site for “www.cocoon-arolla.com

But on my DNS setup is pointing to the old one. And I can’t change it by myself.
It should be “Value cocoon-meghna.netlify.app”

Name cocoon-arolla.com
TTL 3600 seconds
Value cocoon-v1.netlify.app

Thanks for any help.

hi @divinerites, we have made a change on our end that should allow you to delete/change it yourself. Let us know if you need anything else!

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes i have a delete button, but I do not have the possibility to re-create a NETLIFY type of DNS record. Just regular ones.

So for the moment I change nothing, being afraid to make a great mistake on this very sensitive area :slight_smile:

once you delete the record, you are going to be able to add a new one. We don’t allow more than one at a time, so you have to delete the old one and then add the new one.

Help !!! Juste deteled it, but NO possibility to add a netlify type of DNS record.
So at the moment, it is WITHOUT any NETLIFY dns record. Can you caorrect ot let me do it ?
Thanks anyway for the quick response/help.

Yes, you don’t add NETLIFY records, we do. You’ll apply the name to a new site in the same account and we’ll automatically create that record. In the future, you can move that custom domain between sites without removing the DNS record - ANY NETLIFY type record will point to the CURRENTLY CONFIGURED SITE using any hostname - even if our UI implies otherwise :slight_smile:

We don’t allow usage of hostnames across accounts so you do need to apply it to some site shown here: https://app.netlify.com/teams/divinerites/sites

Mmmm i do not understand:

  • The UI was wrong and the DNS netlify was pointing correctly ??
  • So I have to create a new netlify site ? And re do all the stuff with git, etc … ?
  • Sorry i do not understand what I have to do.

OK. I get it. I deleted the primary domain and re-added it.
Seems back to normal (I will wait for some propagation to check if it is reachable).