Netlify dns entries


I have recently started using netlify and enjoying it, everything works fine and I’m learning tons as I go.

I have recently added a second domain name I own to netlify, and linked it to the website accordingly, and it builds and serves like a charm.

In the dns part though, there are netlify records, which I seem to be able to delete but not create myself. I wanted to delete because the entries for the first domain I had has arbitrarily changed to the second website’s * page.

Everything is working as expected, so I didn’t delete, but I’m still kinda worried what would happen with a third domain added in a possibly near future? It might just be a display issue.

You can ignore those NETLIFY records. Those are just eye-candy in the UI and don’t show the correct status sometimes, but we handle the stuff internally.

Those records should never be deleted unless you explicitly want Netlify to stop serving your site.

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Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: