Remove Netlify IP from DNS zone

Hi ! We deleted a website from our Netlify account that is now hosted outside of Netlify. But Netlify IPs are still in place and preventing people to reach the new server (AWS).
How can we solve this ?

Hi, can you verify you own this domain by setting a txt record? I can then remove the dns zones from your account.

Just note if you have recently deleted the website it’s not always instant.

Hi @SamO !
TXT record has been setup.

Best regards,

Hi there! Can you let us know what the domain is? Thanks!

Right :confused:

Hi, there are no DNS zones for this domain in our system. The IPs look like AWS, so this is not a Netlify issue.

Well that’s strange. Your IPs were still showing a few days ago. Anyway, that’s good news, and problem can be considered as solved !
Thanks for the help and support.