Manually remove the DNS zones from the previous account

Hi, custom domain: The domain was managed by someone’s personal account. I got this person to remove it from their site, I even redirected it to Github pages temporarily.
Talked to the AI chatbot to see how long before the DNS zone gets removed from the previous account and it told me to reach out direct to support for help.
Can you please manually remove the DNS zones from the previous account?

Did you also ask them to remove it from Netlify DNS? If you can do this, you can ignore everything below.

In order for Netlify to do this you first need to verify you control the domain as outlined in the support guide linked below

This individual that I let use the domain in the past has followed those steps to remove the domain. It is still tied to Netlify DNS zones so I cant add it to the new Netlify account until you remove the DNS zones.

As noted above, you need to verify ownership of the domain before Netlify will do anything.

Note: I don’t work for Netlify.

Come on guys, you are making me create a google workspace just to verify the domain ownership? I already got the individual to remove the domain from their account and added it to github pages, why do you still need me to go through this process?

Why do you think Netlify require people to verify they are registrant or manage a domain!?

What has this to do with it?

Then surely you can get them to create the required TXT record explain in the support guide above.

I think you miss understand what is happening. I own the domain in namecheap. Due to early deployment issues, I let someone else add the website on netlify with their account because I did not have a netlify account. Since then I removed netlify from namecheap and changed it to github pages routing. I also had the individual remove the domain from their netlify account. (Its not associated with netlify anymore). When I go to re-add it to netlify, there are still hooks in place telling me its being used by another team…

They likely didn’t do this correctly.

Then you can create the TXT record. Simple.

Ugh I added a google verification text record I used with a workspace. I also had the individual go in and re-add the domain and then remove the netlify records… Now how long do I wait for all of this to clear cuz Im still getting the stupid message that another team is using it.

That is not what the support guide requests you do.

The instructions are as follows:

Okay, I added a text record with this thread as the link

THIS, is why that guide is confusing. Why mention this and create a link? My eyes went strait to that link:

We borrow this pattern from a small company you may have heard of, which has host-specific docs if you are having trouble finding where to add the TXT record we are asking for: Verify your domain (host-specific steps) - Google Workspace Admin Help

“Here are these really clear instructions, now im going to ruin them by talking about something completely irrelevant afterwards and make everyone confused”

Hi @Git-Vdim-Hub,

Thanks for reaching out! I apologize for the confusion. I do see that the TXT Record has been created. I’ve removed Netlify DNS Zone that was remaining on Netlify. You should be all set.

Thanks Melvin!
Some feedback: Please consider updating that post to something more bare bones. The google verification part can probably be omitted.