Remove a NETLIFY record

Hello Netlify team,

I would like to remove a NETLIFY DNS record for I’m blocked to create an A record with SendinBlue. I need this subdomain in order to use a specific IP address.

Thanks for your help!

hi there, if we remove the record, the site will go down until you can configure, is that ok? If not, we need to know what to change it to first :slight_smile:

When you say: “the site will go down” you talk about the subdomain right? Not the domain:

If it impacts the subdomain only, yes can move forward.


Le mer. 29 avr. 2020 à 02:10, Perry via Netlify Community a écrit :

The only way to get a NETLIFY record created is to apply it to a website on our service, so Perry had assumed you had done that and were hosting a site there as is the usual with these requests.

I can understand you’re not in that position and have removed the record, which indeed will not affect your primary site/hosting with us.

Oh indeed, I didn’t create this subdomain for that. Actually I need it for an email provider. I saw that the record has been removed! Thanks a lot for your help!

Le mer. 29 avr. 2020 à 19:44, Chris fool McCraw via Netlify Community a écrit :