Removing NETLIFY subdomain, old site now deleted


I have previously created a Netlify site () at the subdomain I’ve since deleted that site and intend to instead point the domain at an external site. However, I cannot seem to do this.

In this post (Can't edit the value of a DNS record of a domain managed by Netlify DNS) it’s suggested that I don’t have permission and that I should ask here. Is it possible to get the corresponding DNS entry removed such that I might reassign it? The domain is not managed by Netlify (but Netlify is not the registrar).

The subdomains I’d like removed are:


hey there,

we flipped a switch on the records for these subdomains so you should be able to edit them yourself, now!

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I’m still getting the following message when trying to delete the DNS entry unfortunately:

* This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.

Hi, @zesterer, the switch was flipped for only some records. I have done so for all records for this domain name now.

If there are still issues, please let us know.

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