DNS entry removal


I am trying to point a subdomain of my site to an another site hosted externally.
I think I made a mistake adding it in my site’s “Domain settings” because that created a DNS record of type NETLIFY that I am unable to delete. Could you please delete it for me?

Here’s some info about the record:
Name blog.raphaelroullet.com
TTL 3600 seconds
Value raphaelroullet.netlify.com


I just did a DNS query on blog.raphaelroullet.com and don’t see any records of of place, so at the very least any associations Netlify has added on their end aren’t visible to the public (also “NETLIFY” isn’t a valid DNS record type so most DNS servers wouldn’t know what to do with that even if they received it).

This article mentions the “Netlify” type, it’s something Netlify only adds to the internal DNS when your domain is managed by them. Did you try removing blog.raphaelroullet.com from being associated with your site and assign a new A record to it? That would be the next thing I’d try but if there’s something else going on the support staff on here will probably chime in.

Thanks for your message @noelforte

Yes, my domain is managed by Netlify DNS.
I removed the subdomain in my site Settings > Domain Management > Domains > Custom Domains but that didn’t remove the associated DNS record.
I would like to use a CNAME for it not an A record.

My issue seems to be the same as this one: How to remove dangling DNS entries

Ah interesting. I’d say contact support or repost something in the #admin area of the forums as @luke suggested in that other thread.

Hi, @Raph, and welcome to our Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

The NETLIFY type DNS record (a system/alias record at Netlify) has been removed. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.


Also, @noelforte, is correct. For a faster response, please post requests like this in #admin. Thanks for that, @noelforte, as this is both correct and quite helpful for others with the same issue.