Need Netlify DNS Record Deleted

So I’ve got a Netlify DNS record for that will not go away, and that I can’t delete. I need to add an A record to another server with that subdomain, but it won’t let me because there’s already a NETLIFY record for the same subdomain. I’d like to get that removed ASAP. I’ve looked at other threads and it looks like the only solution is to contact support, hence this request.

hey codeace,

if we remove the A record, your site will go down until you reconfigure. Is that OK? If not, we’ll need to know what to point it to before we delete the record.

The whole site or just

We have just flipped the bit to enable you to delete that record. The reason we don’t by default is because we don’t want people to unintentionally take down their sites, so please make sure you have your other records in place before deleting! Let us know if you need anything else.


Hi @jen,

I’m in the same position. I’m moving to Webflow tomorrow, while keeping the rest of our stuff on Netlify. I’ll need to be able to delete the NETLIFY record to add a CNAME record instead. Would you be so kind to “flip that switch” as well for this record?

To be completely clear, the record i’m referring to is as follow: 3600 IN NETLIFY

If you don’t mind you could remove the record for as well, but that’s less critical tbh. Just house cleaning.

Thanks in advance. (and sorry for replying on this thread, I thought it provided context, but it might have been better to open a new thread?)

Take care,

PS: Have you folks considered letting people delete by themselves with sufficient warnings?

You should now have the option to remove these from the UI. We have considered making this a self-serve function but that’s all I have to share at this moment. :smile:

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Thanks @Pie, the option is indeed there. Appreciate the super quick help :). And sending some :heart: to this “consideration” :laughing:

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Can you please delete my netlify record for ?
Thank you in advance

Hey @giunz,

You’ll now have the option to remove this from the Netlify UI, under the DNS zone for this domain. Hope this helps!