Can't remove DNS records

Hello there.
So I’ve been trying to remove 2 dns records from my domain without success.
Could anyone do it for me or is there a way of doing it?
The dns record’s are
Thanks in advance

Hiya @Hambi !

Could you let us know more about what happens when you try to remove them yourself (from Netlify App)? We ask customers to perform operations that are destructive to their data rather than doing it for them. If you have some trouble removing them, could you explain what the trouble is so we can try to unblock you?

Thanks in advance for your help in troubleshooting!

When I tried to delete them they’d just reappear whenever I’d refresh the page or go back and forth. It’s all good now I thought these 2 were the reason of my site being unreachable but I’ve been making some changes and I guess I just had to wait a while for everything to set up properly.
Thanks anyway