Delete System DNS Records

I want to delete DNS records of but it shows me " * This is a system record that cannot be managed directly. "

@plumest I’m confused: Why do you want to delete the A record for a Netlify sub-domain?

Also, where are you seeing this error message?

The only way I know of to delete the A record for a Netlify subdomain is to delete that site through the Netlify dashboard.

I want to delete all of this and adding records of the new site.

@plumest I believe that those records exist because you connected your custom domain (tedxkasetsartu) to your Netlify subdomain. Have you tried deleting / disconnecting that custom domain name from your default Netlify subdomain?

I delete the Netlify site ( ) already. Is it still connect? How can I disconnect it?

@plumest Exactly backward. You could have left your Netlify site up, but removed the custom domain entries. Now your site doesn’t load (because it doesn’t exist), and your custom domain is assigned to two different DNS systems.

Can you now at least delete your custom domain from the Domains tab in your Netlify dashboard?

Can you change your settings at your registrar so your custom domain is no longer assigned to Netlify DNS? At this point, it might be easiest to get back to a baseline configuration and start over from scratch.

hi there, i responded on your other thread - we made a change to allow you to delete any records you couldn’t previously. let us know if this doesn’t work.