Removal of AAAA record

We have designed a new site using Webflow, and it is asking us to add a CNAME record, which we have already done, and it also states that we must remove the existing AAAA record from our domain (

There are no more custom domain on Netlify for us to remove, but after some research we have seen people requesting to remove it, and you have been able to assist.

Please remove the AAAA record for and pointing to Netlify. Thank you!

Hey @georgibakken

Are you trying to now configure to use Webflow, not Netlify?

If this is the case, you need to change the DNS records which currently point to Netlify. e.g.

% dig CNAME		43200	IN	CNAME

Hey @coelmay,

Thank you for your reply. We are trying to use Webflow, but still keep Netlify for the deployment and domain.

We have changed in on Netlify, to point to Webview

But get this message on Webview:
You'll need to remove the AAAA record from your DNS settings to ensure your site loads properly.

However, I can’t seem to find any more AAAA records on Netlify. We stumbled over this post that seems to have had a similar issue, and the fix was removing some system record.

I hope this help

If you want to deploy to Netlify, and have Netlify serve the site using your domain ( then you will need to have that domain pointing to Netlify and not Webflow. If you have the domain pointing to Webflow, Webflow will serve content on the domain, not Netlify.

The AAAA records are those used by Netlify for the subdomain e.g.

% dig AAAA		43200	IN	CNAME 20 IN AAAA	2406:da1c:6aa:c001:d259:ca50:eb2a:ae16 20 IN AAAA	2406:da1c:6aa:c000:3257:de9:cb67:d5d

You cannot remove these.

Thank you, that helped clearing my head. Now I know what I have to do. I forgot we had DNS host

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Glad you are on the right track now, @georgibakken :rocket: Thanks for sharing all of this information, @coelmay

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