Website domain from Webflow is not connecting to the Netlify

Site Name:


Its a DNS issue, error message is coming on Webflow after adding all the required records:. Basically, I connected Web-flow with Netlify a month ago. Everything seemed to be working fine. We deployed changes to the website and they were reflecting properly as well.

Since yesterday, one of the domains in webflow started to give an error of removing AAA record from DNS provider: “You’ll need to remove the AAAA record from your DNS settings to ensure your site loads properly.”


More details:
removed the A records linked to the website from netlify and added new ones given on webflow but it still gives the same error and I’m unable to deploy any changes to the webiste from webflow.

Followed the instructions here as well but no use:

I would be super grateful if someone can help me solve this issue.

Hey @mashall,

I’m a little confused as to what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to point your domain to Webflow or Netlify? You can’t point it to both at the same time. Depending on what you need, our answer about your setup will change.

I’m trying to connect webflow with Netlify so basically pointing netlify to webflow. But it gives me these errors on webflow despite of adding all the required records to netlify:

Also note that if I check my domain on DNS checker then it is not fetching the CNAME records only, whereas A and TXT records are being fetched.

Yes, so that’s what I meant. You can’t point your website to Netlify and Webflow at the same time.

As far as I can see, the domain appears to be purchased from Namecheap. Inside your namecheap dashboard, you’ve most likely added Netlify nameservers. Then, you’re trying to load: Netlify App site for that domain. That’s where the problem starts.

There’s no Netlify <-> Webflow connection you’re making here - you’re pointing to two different providers at the same time and this is not a configuration (any, I believe) DNS supports at the moment. So, if you wish that, if someone types, you want them to see your Webflow site:

  1. Restore your nameservers on Namecheap.
  2. Delete the DNS Zone from Netlify here: Netlify App (make sure to add all the current DNS records back in your Namecheap panel - you should skip the records with NETLIFY type, but you need to add the rest).
  3. Configure the DNS in Namecheap as per Webflow’s instructions.
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Thank you for your detailed reply, Hrishikesh!

So the issue is that my old website was on netlify and I am migrating to webflow. The owner of the domain has initially set the domain’s nameserver’s on namecheap’s dashboard to point to Netlify’s DNS service. And so we’ve been managing our domain DNS records using Netlify. Now we’re shifting the website to use webflow. Is there no way I can continue using Netlify’s DNS service but point to Webflow? I did exactly this and updated the A records on netlify as per the instructions on webflow but it doesn’t work. May I know how I can solve this?

You can, but it’s not a setup we recommend.

In any case, I’ve deleted the NETLIFY records for that domain from our end, and now your domain should consistently point to Webflow (considering you’ve set up the Webflow records correctly).

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Looks like the domain is now pointing to webflow and the website is also working properly.

I’d wait for a day or two and see if it stays consistent. If it does then we’d keep using netlify :raised_hands:

Hi @hrishikesh,

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support last time. We are facing the following issue on Netlify now: doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify
We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved.

The website domain is configured in Namecheap but the email DNS records are still configured in Netlify which is why we are using Netlify.

If you deleted the NETLIFY records for the domain from your end, and the our domain started to consistently point to Webflow, should this issue bother us?

Since you’re not using Netlify for that domain anymore, I’m not sure why that would affect you. You can ignore that - or better yet, remove the domain from the site.

By removing you mean just remove the domains from Netlify? But it has our email configuration DNS records, what should we do with those?

Remove from the site settings: Netlify App

It can remain in the domains tab. You can set some other domain that you actually plan to host on Netlify as the site’s custom domain.

@hrishikesh if I remove the domain(screenshot attached), I will loose the mail records as well which is why I’m reluctant to remove the domain, that’s whats worrying me

And it has sub-domains which might also be affected, no?

No. Why do you think would that happen?

Because the mail DNS records are just configured on Netlify and not on Namecheap and those mail records are inside the DNS settings of ‘’ domain which you’re recommending to remove.

I asked you to removed the domain from site settings - which does nothing to the DNS records.

Yeah, I get your point: domain can only be removed from the site settings. But Domain settings has the mail dns records in it, removing the domain will remove all its records as well that are seen in the dns panel of that domain…

I can remove the domain by going to site settings → chose the domain( options → remove domain.

But I can see all my mail records in that domain by going to options → go to dns panel

I won’t be able to access the mail records when the domain itself is removed.

This is exactly what I’m saying that it won’t happen! Removing the domain from site settings, does not delete the DNS zone or remove the DNS records. I do not see why mail would stop working.

Ah, right. So what happens if I don’t remove the domain and just ignore the warning message OR just renew the certificate from Netlify?

As I mentioned initially:

You can’t renew the certificate as the domain is not pointing to Netlify. So either remove the domain, or ignore the error.

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