Redeployed but still see old content: downloaded a deployment, updated a page and redeployed

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Hello All,

I downloaded a previous deployment, unzipped the file into a folder, and updated a page, then I did a deployment, but I still see the old content, even after clearing browser cache.

Sitename: nostalgic-jones-f4be20
Site ID : 5ab8fadd-03d9-4478-8074-48c2c9d60c8c

Any idea? Thanks!

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Did you check your build settings and confirmed where netlify is supposed to build your site from?

Hi Samo,
I’m doing manual deployment. I cliked the ‘browse to upload’ and selected the unzipped folder, inside of which there are updated pages.

the folder has all the static files, built from a Vue app.

Problem solved. it is an Vue app, text in pages is compiled into javascript chunks, so I have to update the text in the js files.

Glad you found a solution! thanks so much for sharing this with the community.