Manually deployed site is not displaying the right file name on the browser tab

hey guys so I deployed my first portfolio using Netlify manually but I have a problem, it is displaying the old file name in the tab section not the updated on. If you see here in the top right of the tap it says “Phantom by HTML5 UP” even I changed it to Isaiah’s Portfolio before I uploaded it. I uploaded it manually btw. Has anyone encountered this issue?

When I open your site, I get the correct <title> in the browser tab. You are seeing the old one because the browser has cached it so it doesn’t have to fetch it again on each request.

You can clear that site’s cache on any chromium browser by opening dev tools and right clicking the reload button.

The cache will usually update by itself if you close all tabs of the cached site and wait around 10 seconds before opening the site again.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: