Re-add NETLIFY DNS records


I just deleted the DNS issues erroneously and there doesn’t seem to be an option to re-add them.
I need the following readding please: IN NETLIFY IN NETLIFY IN NETLIFYv6 IN NETLIFYv6

Thanks in advance

We can’t do this for you, but you can do this in the UI. Here are some instructions: DNS records | Netlify Docs

Thanks for repying @SamO
Unfortunately following the steps in that guide doesn’t allow me to add the record I need as the type ‘NETLIFY’ isn’t an option.
I am having the same issue as this user and the reply states ‘you can’t add NETLIFY type records.’
It also states

Is this not true?

Hi, thanks for raising this. I escalated your query to our help desk! They will assist you further.

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