Queue 0 Server Response Times vary from 50ms to 2s

We are working with a Gatsby site deployed on Netlify Enterprise tier and we are seeing consistently high server response times on the Queue 0 item of the HTML and DOM. Screen shot attached.

Does Netlify have an SLA for server response time? Losing 1.5 seconds of load time before we can begin with our loading strategy feels unacceptable.

Hi Blaine,

Happy to look into this for you, but to be clear, we do not promise any specific response time nor offer refunds for what you consider to be slow at any account level. (downtime on the HP Edge network is a different story as we do provide SLA’s there, but slowness is not downtime, and for many customers, 2 seconds is fast, depending on their content).

If you’d like to include a HAR file of the slow load we’ll be able to look into it in more depth and potentially advise you on changes you could make to speed things up if we find any.

If you do decide to share a HAR file, please ensure it is scrubbed of any authentication tokens which you can do using this tool: https://har-sanitizer.pages.dev/

Hi, thanks for the response, but I am unable to upload attachments so sharing a HAR file isn’t possible.

Hi, @Blaine_O_Brien. The reason you could not upload attachments is because this support forum account is less than a day old. I’ve made a change to allow you to do so now but I think that it would be counter-productive to do so. In other words, please do not upload a HAR file ehre.

There are already two opened support tickets about this. The same support team people troubleshooting in the helpdesk would be the same people assisting here. I don’t think creating a third channel where this was being discussed will be helpful or efficient. Would you please follow-up in one of the two helpdesk tickets for further troubleshooting?

I will point the support team here for the screen shot and address my concerns in that thread. I opened this post because there were no responses in the support thread addressing this issue.