Reduce initial server response time

Hi, I’ve been building a site using GatsbyJS and Netlify to host, and while everything is working excellently (love the online build tools) I keep getting a ‘Reduce initial server response time’ suggestion on my Lighthouse / Pagespeed score.
Im currently using the free version of Netlify so the slow speed comes as no surprise to me, however I was wondering if this would improve if I upgraded to a Pro account?
At the moment the Pagespeed score is very temperamental, with server response times ranging from 1.2 - 3s, so ideally I’d like to bring this down to a stable, consistent number.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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What does say about your server response time?

Hi Gregraven,

Thank you for the welcome. My apologies for not providing more information, I originally inputted the information into the support contact form and I thought it had carried over into the community forum post.

The Netlify site name is

So far I have been compressing image files and trying to reduce the CSS amongst other performance tweaks, however the issue I’m running in to is with Google Pagespeed - it shows a 3.6 second initial server response time for the site:

I’m just trying to reduce this to its absolute minimum, so if the Pro accounts offer faster response time then I’ll definitely upgrade.

The thing that is confusing me now is that using the link you have provided it’s showing a 98/100 (I tried to upload a pic but newby users are limited to one image per reply)

I’m a little confused by this, one is very good and the other is very poor :confused: any thoughts?

Thank you for your time,

@Steppio Maybe PageSpeed is having a bad day? GTMetrix shows pretty good numbers.

Hmm, very strange indeed. I’ve tried some that give it a good rating (GTMetrix /, and some that mention the server response time (PageSpeed / Lighthouse / Measure). This is a very strange issue. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and see if anything has changed.

Thank you very much for your time!