Question on DNS setup for domain with Namecheap as registrar and Netlify hosting

Hi - I have a domain ( with Namecheap as the registrar. I would like this to “point” to my netlify hosted website ( [ seems to function differently to .com]

After scouring the docs, netlify support forums and google I have seen two methods for doing the “pointing” for a domain. Which is correct?

Method 1
In Namecheap’s advanced DNS settings add a CNAME setting for and point it to Add an A record with @ in the host field and point to Netlify’s load balancer IP address:

Method 2
Try to add in the Netlify domain settings. Then in Namecheap’s domain settings, under nameservers select custom DNS and add the following nameservers:

I applied method 1 first, then stumbled across method 2 and applied that. This seems to have overwritten method 1 within Namecheap (I can no longer see the CNAME and A records that I entered before).

I am left with a working website :smiley: (ie points to the right place) but more confused than when I started :confused:.

Can anyone explain to a beginner what is the “correct” way to do this?


Hey @aewshopping

The “correct” way is that which you need/want to implement. [Support Guide] Should I use Netlify to manage my DNS? goes into why you would/wouldn’t use Netlify DNS.

Using Netlify DNS is method 2 as described in this documentation. Method 1 is using external DNS as described in this documentation.

In Method 1, all DNS remains with Namecheap (or other provider). If you need to add, remove, edit a DNS record for a domain (A, CNAME, MX, TXT…) you need to it there.

In Method 2, all DNS is handled by Netlify. If you need to add, remove, edit a DNS record for a domain, you need to do that in Netlify. Using this method (as you discovered) will remove (or at least disable) all DNS entries with the domain provider.

One issue people often face when transferring to Netlify DNS is email, 1) because Netlify don’t offer email and/or 2) because email is often configured with another provider (e.g. Zoho, Outloook) and the MX records configured for domain aren’t copied to Netlify DNS prior to making a switch. For reference, see this guide.

If you have other Domain issues also check out [Support Guide] Compiled resources for custom domains on Netlify and DNS settings -- start here!.

Hopefully this has explained things a little for you. If you have an questions, don’t hesitate to reply.

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Thanks Coelmay, really appreciate your very clear summary :+1:

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