Which host records should be set up on my domain name to point to my site that is hosted on Netlify?

I have a domain name purchased in Namecheap that I want to point to my website hosted in Netlify via host records.

Thus, which host records should be set up on the domain to point to the site’s hosting?

Hi @TheLastSliceOfPizza,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can follow our Support Guide here:

The guide explains the two ways to configure DNS, External DNS and Netlify DNS. For external DNS, you would point your bare domain’s A Record to for the subdomain you would point a CNAME Record to your site name, for example, mysite.netlify.app.

For Netlify DNS, you would use the Netlify name servers provided on the Netlify DNS page, at your registrar.

Thank you so much for pointing me to the right direction.
Setting up the external DNS was the correction right solution for what I want.